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The BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board is ideal for learning circuits, electronics, and microcontroller programming. The solderless breadboard makes it easy to connect 5 V compatible sensors, displays, LEDs, and other electronic components to create your own inventions. Program in PBASIC, which is very easy to read and
When you connect your BASIC Stamp to a PC using a USB-based development board or adapter, the PC's operating system typically resets the BASIC Stamp several times as it tries to determine if a new plug-and-play device was just connected. Each time a BASIC Stamp is reset, all program variables are cleared, and the
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BASIC Stamp 2's technical specifications are shown below (Table 1). Also review the hardware (Figure 1) and schematic (Figure 2). Table 1. BASIC Stamp. HomeWork Board. Specifications. Microcontroller: PIC16C57 surface mount. Speed: 20 MHz / ~4,000 instructions per second. EEPROM: 2K bytes (program and data).
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Before you can use the Stamp Editor to program a BASIC Stamp, you must first connect the Stamp to your computer, and then configure the Stamp Editor so that it can communicate with the Stamp. The following steps describe the procedure for doing that with a BASIC Stamp HomeWork board. The procedure for connecting
HomeWork board in a closet for six months. When you reconnect the battery, the last program you stored will run. This means that you connect the board to the host PC to develop and debug your program, but once that is done, you no longer need the PC to run the program. The BASIC Stamp code speed is 4000
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